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Dragon Cuisine Updates [userpic]

Third Post

July 8th, 2005 (01:23 am)

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Cartoon Heroes -
I've been spending the entire day working on this thing. @______@ Okay... where to start? The information section is officially up, with links that lead to information on history, mazoku lords, items and what not. It also contains the information on the 4 Slayers manga specials. I have more little summaries with the minor character information and all that shazz to work on, actually. I plan to do that with all the manga I have in my possession, so that section will just about perpetually growing.

Furthermore, the media section is also up. And yes--meliachu and I decided that our little Ask the Characters groups will be rivals. XD Aww, c'mon. There's always been 'Ask the Slayers' out there that I have never really seen one dedicated to the mazoku lords, so I made one myself. There's also a link which leads to rants, and I thank tarahime, sleepdebtfairy and kuchenhexe for giving me permission to host their essays/rants. Zanne is also going to clean up her F/X rant so I can host that too. New essays/rants are always welcome. The media section will be the one in serious construction, since I might put in an image gallery and there's definitely going to be some graphics posted there. I also plan to host some fanfics there, but I want them in HTML format before I put them in notepad. It's a pan to code all the paragraphs and italics and HTML is getting on my nerves enough for the day.

The Site section is also up, and perhaps it's the smallest section on the site. I plan on enlarging the Credits section in definite though, but tonight I felt a little lazy. There's also little button links I have up so people can link back if they please, and I plan on adding more banners/buttons. And joining more fanlistings. I'm gonna see if it's all right with meliachu to add the AMVs she has on her site there too.

The character profiles are still in heavy construction, but I'll get around to those eventually.

So yeah. That's all for tonight.

Dragon Cuisine Updates [userpic]

Second Post

July 4th, 2005 (11:40 pm)

current mood: working

Yes, I actually worked today. The entire day, thankyouverymuch. If I see another HTML code on notepaad again..... errr, nevermind. Let's cut down to business.


Happily Ever After - Updated with 9 new members. As of now, it has 12 members.
Vision - Updated with 5 new members. As of now, it has 11 members.
Up Yours! - Updated with 3 new members. As of now, it has 12 members.

Cartoon Heroes;
Okay, so I've got some content up. Like the index and the character index. Granted, only a few profiles are up, specifically Lina, Gourry, Amelia, Xelloss, and Filia's. I have yet to work on everyone else's, but I will get around to that.

I also have some other information typed up and completed in which I need to sort up and update the site with it. So far I'm having no problems. Big thanks to everyone who revised the information back in April on my website filter on linachu. <33

Happy Fourth of July! Or something. ^_^;;

Dragon Cuisine Updates [userpic]

First Post

July 2nd, 2005 (04:40 am)

current mood: accomplished

This is an online update blog where updates concerning linachu's collective, Dragon Cuisine, are recorded. Expect frequent posts. ^_^;

Currently Online!

Subject: Fanlisting
Dedicated to: Fanfiction starring Lina Inverse and Gourry Gabriev from The Slayers.

Subject: Fanlisting.
Dedicated to: The relationship between Amelia wil Tesla Seyruun and Zelgadis Graywords from The Slayers.

Subject: Fanlisting.
Dedicated to: The rivalry between Lina Inverse and Naga the Serpent from The Slayers.


Cartoon Heroes
Status Completion: 45%
Focus: Cartoon Heroes is a soon-to-be general Slayers site. It will be containing series, manga, novel and movies information, along with character profiles and general information about the Slayers world. The site was originally inspired by one of my best friends, meliachu, whom put together a Slayers AMV with the song "Cartoon Heroes" by Aqua.

Undecided Title
Status Completion: 3%
Focus: I have decided to merge my Lina and Gourry shrine in to one, and doubling it as a couple-shrine, also. Meaning, my plans for Shining Girl and Hikari O will be located here, so it'd be one huge database of juicy information about the two. Not only will it have in-depth analysises about the two characters, but it will include essays about their relationship, speculations about their relationships with others and even their pasts.

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